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BigOption Review

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BigOption is an online binary options broker which aims at providing you with the most innovative platform as well as an enhanced trading experience. Unlike other brokers, BigOption’s prime concern is its customers.

BigOption is an online binary options broker which aims at providing you with the most innovative platform as well as an enhanced trading experience. Unlike other brokers, BigOption’s prime concern is its customers. It is always working hard to improve in terms of quality service and customer relationship. This review shall illuminate more on the different aspects of trading provided by the broker.

BigOption Review

BigOption’s Platform

BigOption’s platform is 100% web­based platform and hence, you need not download it. In addition, the platform is 100% SSL certified. Your personal details are handled with due severity by BigOption’s employees and are kept very confidential. Moreover, all information go through HTTP secure web protocols so as to prevent any cases of fraudulent activities. The platform is also PCI approved and certified. In addition, it uses the most recent technology to implement security measures. The broker strives to maintain a very high level of privacy measures for all traders.

BigOption also provides a platform guide that has been especially designed for traders who are using the interface for the first time. It consists of trading elements like registration,opening an account, deposit methods, trading tools, assets, compliance formalities and trading features. In this way, it becomes even easier for you to get used to the platform if you are a new trader.

BigOption – video introduction

BigOption Trading Accounts

It is very easy to trade with BigOption but you need to open an account and fund it prior to trading. There are five types of account which you can choose from. The first account is the Micro Account which requires a minimum investment amount of 250. Below you can find the details of this account:

The second type of Account is the Basic Account which requires a minimum investment amount of 501.

The third type of Account is the G​old Account which is also the most popular type of Account. To open a Gold Account, you need to invest a minimum amount of 2,501.

The fourth Account is the Platinum Account and to open this account, you need to fund it with at least 10,001.

The fifth Account is the V​IP Account which brings with it diverse benefits once you make a minimum investment of 50k+. This account is mainly for professional traders.

Big Option Account Types

BigOption Assets and Trading Tools

Once you have opened an account, you need to choose an asset and a trading tool. BigOption offers more than 180 assets and seven types of efficient trading tools. The four main types of assets include:

  • ​Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Indices

These four assets have been made accessible in order to meet traders’ specifications and requirements.

The seven types of efficient trading tools that the broker dispenses are:

  1. Classic Binary Options
  2. Pairs
  3. Long Term
  4. One Touch
  5. Speed Option
  6. Ladder
  7. FX/CFD Pro­Follow

BigOption Trading Features

This reliable broker also offers lucrative methodologies to ensure that you improve your trading skills.

One of the most effective and exceptional features that the broker provides is the Auto Trading Robot. The Auto Trading Robot allows you to save time as it trades for you. With this exclusive feature, you can experience a unique and remunerative trading journey.

Another outstanding feature is the Strategy Advisor.​This feature is like a calculator used during trading which makes predictions about the movements of an asset. In addition, the Strategy Advisor uses extensive algorithms in order to calculate the movement of an asset and you only need to click between one of the three techniques and get a prediction. The Strategy Advisor functions rapidly and in a practical way. Moreover, it is completely automatic and simply does your part of work.

BigOption Mobile Trading

BigOption is now available on Mobile with Google Play and Appstore which is highly­ responsive. Through its mobile application, the broker offers the Ultimate Mobile Binary Options Trading Platform. The mobile application has been crafted in accordance with design, development and financial specialists in order to provide a user-­friendly interface with easy navigation. Mobile trading has diverse advantages. Mobile trading is completely free and it enables you to save time as well as to trade 24/7. To start trading on your mobile, you simply need to download the mobile app. Since financial markets are constantly changing according to global events, you can maximize your profits wherever you are by reacting to these market trends on the spot. Hence, BigOption is constantly moving towards inventive strategies to facilitate the trading experience of each and every trader.

BigOption Customer Support

The highly ­professional Account Managers and Customer Support Team of BigOption provide 24/7 assistance through email, phone and Skype. BigOption’s website has been designed in 5 different languages namely English, French, Deutsch, Arabic and Turkish. The broker’s

customer support department does its best to respond to your query within the shortest time period. As one of its main priorities is customer satisfaction, the online broker strives to assist you to ensure that you move ahead in your trading journey without any hurdles.

BigOption Learning Academy

BigOption provides access to many learning materials from which you can benefit. Its learning academy is the best place where you can learn and improve your trading experience. This academy offers educational materials, videos, eBook as well as other essential elements in order to enrich your knowledge. In addition, it constantly strives towards excelling its academic portfolio so that you can make the most of it.

BigOption weak points

One of the weak points of BigOption is that it does not allow US traders to transact. Moreover, as a trader, you are not allowed to place a trade through a telephone call. It is mandatory that you open an account, fund the account and then, transact online.

BigOption Review Summary

BigOption is one of the most reliable brokers in the field of binary options trading. Through its innovative incentives, the broker has made a remarkable place in this industry and has gained a lot of recognition for its outstanding service. BigOption is still striving to improve its methodologies for you, whether new or experienced, so that you can experience a remunerative trading career.

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